The problem

System integration is hard.

Integrations can be complicated and confusing. You never have time. You never have the right documentation. Then, someone has to figure out how to build it!

You get stuck with long, expensive projects using consultants or your own valuable engineers.

The solution

Your Personal Integration Builder

Doohickey is a conversational low-code platform for integrating systems.

You can easily create and manage integrations with the help of an AI assistant, making the process fast, seamless, and painless.

Unlock the power of Doohickey.

Doohickey empowers you to deliver tailored integrations effortlessly. With our AI assistant and self-healing capabilities, integration issues are resolved faster and more efficiently.

Conversational Integration Builds

Simply type what you need, and Doohickey will create a working integration for you. No need for analysts, engineers, or consultants.

Always-On Assistant for Integration

Our AI assistant is always ready to help, eliminating the need to constantly seek engineers' help.

Self-Healing Integrations with Smart Fixes

Create self-healing integrations that can suggest and implement fixes to production issues with your approval.

The Doohickey team has been huge, helping us onboard new customers with complex integrations to CRMs and legacy software systems.

Henry Lynch

CTO, Vsimple

Be Efficienct, save money

Generate integrations with ease and speed.

Our platform allows you to quickly create running integrations by simply typing your requirements. No technical expertise needed.

Simplified Solution

Our always-on AI assistant reduces the need for engineering support, saving you time and resources.

Efficient Troubleshooting

Resolve integration issues quickly and streamline your workflow with our AI assistant's support.

Experience the Power of Our Always-On AI Assistant for Seamless Integration

Say goodbye to relying on engineer support. Our always-on AI assistant is here to solve your integration problems, 24/7.

Simplified Solution

Our always-on AI assistant eliminates the need for engineer support, saving you time and resources.

Efficient Support

With our always-on AI assistant, you can quickly resolve integration issues and streamline your workflow.

Don't Lose Sleep

Deliver integrations that can fix themselves.

With Doohickey, you can build self-healing integrations that detect and resolve production issues without manual intervention.

24/7 Monitoring

Our AI-powered assistant constantly monitors your integrations, proactively identifying and resolving issues.

Instant Fixes

Experience smooth integration troubleshooting with automated suggestions and quick fixes.

Save time and reduce technical dependence with Doohickey.

Quickly deliver integrations without relying on analysts, engineers, or consultants. Our AI assistant helps you solve integration problems independently and build self-healing integrations that address production issues proactively.